The Scranton Music Works Philosophy

Gallucci Music has been a quality source for music equipment for 60 years. Generations have trusted us in helping them choose the proper instrument for their needs. We will educate and guide you in your purchase - never pressure you. Beginner music students do not need a $500 guitar and $200 worth of accessories to have a good experience; the experienced musician should be allowed to explore and ask questions without the hard sell.
We Stand By What We Sell

We carry many top quality brands at EVERYDAY low prices. You donít have to wait for the big sale to get the quality instrument you want. Donít forget hat EVERY instrument we sell has been personally set up in house and is guaranteed to play exactly the way you like.

The warranty you have to purchase has always confounded us. It doesnít make sense to buy a new product and then have to purchase the assurance it will work. Most manufacturers provide a factory warranty against defects in the build of the instrument. We will never sell you a guarantee. We will simply give you assurance that if it doesnít work we will make it work. Most stringed instrument work is done in the in-house workshop with quick turnaround time.